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Bióicos is an Institute of Marine Biology that has the mission of transforming and illuminating through education and science communication of Ocean Sciences for marine conservation. It is an institution of the 3rd sector aimed at social development, environmental respect and economic viability. It is located in the city of Ubatuba, State of São Paulo, Brazil, but with international operations.


This is a dream that has come true and acts in the democratization of science and also in professional improvement through field, online and diving courses.

In addition to the courses, the Project publishes a free online journal, Marine Biology Journal, transmits science communication through social networks, a YouTube channel, and a Podcast...among other voluntary actions. Thus, the Bióicos Institute has become one of the Greatest Education Portals of Oceanic Sciences in the Portuguese Language.

In addition, it acts as a startup platform that share the same philosophy and mission.

The Meaning of Bióicos:

Created by prof. Douglas Peiró, formed by the combination of two Greek words:
Bío: Life and Oikós: Home. Thus, Bióicos is the home of life (marine), that is, the Oceans.

Project Performance

The Project publishes a totally free online Journal: Marine Biology Journal

Video classes

We offer free video lessons on YouTube

We are on social networks spreading the science to everyone

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Science communication

Environmental actions


2020 Annual Activity Report


2020 Annual Activity Report


Directors and board members

The project has as its creator and leader Prof. Dr. Douglas Peiró, marine biologist, tireless agent of transformation through the dissemination of Marine Science & Technology through articles, posts, photos, videos, audios, and infographics.


The Project has a very competent team of collaborators, sea scientists, and engaged and talented addition to being passionate about oceanic culture:

Volunteers across Brazil

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Supporters and Partners

Supporters and Partners

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